Backup Cameras

Are reliable auto electricians and auto mechanics who you can trust. We believe it’s worth having your reversing camera installed right. This will make sure that you have a reliable and depending reversing system which won’t fail.

Vehicles shown include Mercedes A Class, Jaguar XF, Lexus CT and IS, Ford Kuga and Mercedes E Class. The sensors will then detect any objects within an area of the exterior of your vehicle. The way they work is by attaching some sensors to your vehicle, in different positions.

However, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to install yourself and offer assistance should you need it. This kit is designed to be self-fitting, meaning you install it yourself with our assistance. If you would prefer a fully fitted service, this is only £99 supplied and fitted in Newcastle upon Tyne. On average it takes around 2 hours for the reverse camera to be installed by yourself.

As long as you have an iDrive dashboard display, a premium aftermarket rear view camera kit will even let you see the image from the camera right on the dash. In the UK, the habit of accessorising and adding aftermarket pieces to cars is seen as something reserved for a certain demographic. But aftermarket doesn’t necessarily mean big spoilers and cavernous exhausts.

The original retrofit reversing cameras should be installed in the workshop. Depending on the model and the amount of work required, this can easily cost 1.000 euros. However, this variant is then also perfectly integrated into the vehicle and works optimally with all components of the car. As a rule, the factory solution is also the highest quality. This retrofit solution integrates into the factory fitted head unit and is compatible with the BMW X5 fitted with the NBT EVO Stereo system.

They cover every type of vehicle, and there is a reversing camera system to suit every budget. Our MMI Rear View Camera is our biggest departure from the original BMW backup camera, but the changes we’ve made will improve the park assist experience in many vehicles. We have streamlined the process of the camera programming and production to minimise costs, without cutting corners on quality and installation. We purchase the cameras in bulk, saving on costs and produce the looms in-house. In my experience, this is a typical OEM kit with most of the parts required included.

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