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Although Tsukurukai’s textbook has sold six hundred thousand copies in the general market, it has been adopted by less than 0.39% of Japanese schools. In 2010, another textbook by the JSHTR passed inspection and was published by Jiyusha (自由社). As the few surviving comfort women continued to demand acknowledgement and a sincere apology, the Japanese court rejected their compensation claims.

In addition, we try to share as much information as possible through various channels so that customers can make informed choices. At the same time, we will continue to keep a close watch on the level of problem gambling or responsible gaming among players by rigorously analyzing survey results conducted by reliable research firms. Immediately after Japan announced its plans, the South Korean government swiftly condemned the decision and summoned the Japanese ambassador to Seoul to issue a strong protest. Civil protests have ensued across the country as a result of Japan’s decision. The South Korean government has been considering legal action against Japan, and various South Korean civil groups and associations have considered the same.

Other cultural artifacts that have now become traditional cultural artifacts of Japan, such as the oil-paper umbrella, are also believed[by whom? Prince Asa, a Korean from Baekje, is known to have been Prince Shōtoku’s tutor. Emperor Kanmu’s mother Takano no Niigasa was of Korean descent, a fact admitted by Emperor Akihito during a press conference in 2001. Japan claims that Western countries named it the “”Sea of Japan”” prior to 1860, before the growth of Japanese influence over Korean foreign policy after the outbreak of the First Sino-Japanese War in 1894. Further, Japan claims that the primary naming occurred during the period of Sakoku, when Japan had very little foreign contact, and thus Japan could not have influenced the naming decisions. It was in 1929, when the International Hydrographic Organization’s Limits of Oceans and Seas used the name Sea of Japan, which eventually influenced other official international documents such as the United Nations.

To help improve the quality of these services, we send a postcard questionnaire to or call customers who have applied for after-sales service in order to gather information on customer satisfaction. To realize that, all people working for the TOTO Group strive to play an active role with a strong sense of duty based on the concepts indicated in the corporate motto and philosophy, and to fulfill their social responsibilities. The Charter of 안전놀이터 TOTO Group Corporate Behavior stipulates the basic stance of behavior of all people working for TOTO Group to realize all stakeholders’ satisfaction.

Korea’s lack of protections for LGBT+ people, including spousal visas, makes it hard for me consider moving some of my top talent here. Values for %Christian Adherent and %Evangelical are often informed estimates, some more accurate than others. We recommend against using %Christian Adherent and %Evangelical to calculate absolute numbers. Joshua Project occasionally adjusts profile text from third party sources. This is done to avoid confusion regarding the current reality of a people group, to fix grammar and spelling and to avoid potentially offensive wording. Pray for Holy Spirit anointed believers from the Toto people to change their society from within.

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