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EPENDYMOMA – A growth in the brain or spinal cord arising from ependymal tissue. Like all areas of medicine, pregnancy and childbirth has a number of specialized terms, many of which you will hear during your own pregnancy and labour and the birth of your baby. The following list provides definitions for some of the more common terms. The Spine-health Medical Glossary provides accurate, easy-to-understand definitions for common (and not-so-common) terms related to chronic pain, spine surgery, back pain, and more. This section was developed for ‘speed learning’ of medical conditions list. Start by reviewing the meanings for a block of medical terms, and then go back and choose a previous term randomly and try to recall the meaning of that particular medical term before hovering over the term to determine the answer.

It is important, the Department ensures that the Commonwealth’s rights are properly protected and that any financial benefit arising from these developments is optimized for the benefit of the Commonwealth. Impairment – Any loss or abnormality of a psychological, physiological or anatomical structure or function. Health Status – An individual’s or population’s overall level of health, taking account of various aspects such as life expectancy, amount of disability, levels of disease risk factors and so forth. Health Care Card – These cards provide for medical and/or related services free of charge or at reduced rates to recipients of Commonwealth government pensions or benefits. EMSN – extended Medicare safety net, introduced on 12 March 2004 to cover 80 percent of out-of-pocket costs for Medicare-claimable services provided outside hospital once annual thresholds are reached. Credentialling – The process of assessing and conferring approval on a person’s suitability to provide a defined type of healthcare.

Also called degenerative joint disease, hypertrophic arthritis, and osteoarthrosis. Gain a better understanding of medical terminology by searching our dictionary of more than 1,300 terms. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, and it should not be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease. Please consult your healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns.

Human Leukocyte Antigen – The Self-Made-Antigen displayed on the surface of all cells that identifies them to the Immune System, as belonging to self. These Antigens must be presented with Antigenic Peptides, in order for T-Cells to begin an Immune Response. Severe Cerebellar Dysfunction- The inability to perform limb movements smoothly and efficiently, even while watching them. Medical Terminology often uses words created using prefixes and suffixes in Latin and Ancient Greek.

CHOROID PLEXUS – A vascular structure in the ventricles of the brain that produces cerebrospinal fluid. CHOREA – A disorder, usually of childhood, characterized by irregular, spasmodic involuntary movements of the limbs or facial muscles. CAUDA EQUINA – The bundle of spinal nerve roots arising from the end of the spinal cord and filling the lower part of the spinal canal. CARCINOMA – Cancer, malignant growth of epithelial or gland cells.

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