Special sizes available to order up to 100 ft x 50ft please email us via contact… Roll width 40 Foot (12.19metres) cost shown is price per linear foot (.3048 metres) off the roll e.g. if you select 8 you will have ordered an 8ft x 33ft wide liner. Roll width 36 Foot (10.97metres) cost shown is price per linear foot (.3048 metres) off the roll e.g. if you select 8 you will have ordered an 8ft x 33ft wide liner.

“I want to use old carpet for an underlayment” Got allergies? Yes, then stay away from your pond all together as it will soon make you sick. Look folks, saving money is my favorite past time but doing so at the risk of my health has never been high on my list.

Since EPDM rubber is softer and thus less puncture resistant, it is easier to damage with sharp objects in the substrate below the liner. Because EPDM is quite a bit heavier than RPE, EPDM often isn’t available in as large of single panels as RPE, which will mean seaming the liner together on site in larger applications. All that being said, EPDM is still a great choice in small to medium sized applications as long as care is taken to not damage the liner.

VERY large liners may require as many as 8-10 people to move into position in your pond.Graystone Industries ships most Vijverfolie kopen liner from a warehouse in Franklin NC. Walk in customers are welcome Tuesday thru Friday. Pond liner orders to the west coast generally take 5-6 business days to arrive. Design versatility -can easily be shaped to fit the unique contours of your pond giving you much more design creativity. Multiple membrane panels can be quickly and securely seamed to accommodate larger pond lining applications and unique design elements such as waterfalls.

An EPDM liner, on the hand, is based on ethylene propylene diene monomer, a flexible synthetic rubber. HDPE pond liners are made of single polymers, while EPDM liners are made of multiple polymers. For a large pond, especially a farm, having a rigid and weldable HDPE liner is much more useful, as EPDM liners, though flexible, cannot be welded. Firestone PondGard Pond Liners are designed for use in decorative ponds and water features, withstanding harsh weather conditions such as frost, snow and extreme temperatures.

They will work with you to determine how the liner was installed, if underlayment was used, if roots pushed through into the pond or if the liner was cut or punctured by any foreign object and much more. Despite being more flexible, EPDM is much heavier than RPE’s making it more expensive to ship and harder to lift when installing. In addition, EPDM isn’t quite as strong or puncture resistant as RPE, which means that an underlayment is needed more often which brings up the price a bit.

Fish friendly -Pondard is based on EPDM synthetic rubber, a highly flexible stable material that’s not only long lasting and easy to work with, but safe for fish and plant life. Firestone PondGuard EPDM rubber liners are the industry standard when it comes to EPDM pond liners. PondGuard is made especially for ponds and water gardens with no algaecides or fire retardants like found in most EPDM roofing liners.

Once you have chosen your liner size you can then choose either a lightweight or heavyweight underlay to suit should you require it. While building large farm ponds, cost plays an instrumental role. HDPE pond liners beat EPDM pond liners hands down in this regard.

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