Grove Square Galleries Unveils Its World Class Solo Exhibition Artists

Established in 1998, Grove Square Galleries is a renowned London-based specialist in contemporary art gallery and contemporary advising service representing an inter-national line-up of established and emerging artists from across the UK. Merged with a permanent residency programme, Grove Square Galleries presents both local and visiting artists with a platform for professional discussion and networking. The Gallery is located in Fitzrovia, south London – a vibrant and lively area with cutting edge retail boutiques and a vibrant nightlife featuring many different types of nightlife. Combining an extensive range of local and international artists with guest artists invited to showcase their work during the year, Grove Square Galleries is at the heart of Fitzrovia, providing a vital forum for art exchange in one of London’s most livable neighborhoods.

This bustling suburb of west London is home to many internationally famous names in the field of contemporary art. As the heart of Fitzrovia, Grove Square Galleries presents a cross section of experiences and perspectives that span multiple sectors and genres of art. Representing the eclectic styles of traditional British street artist Banksy as well as new comers to the field, the gallery exhibits a diverse range of talent. A mixture of traditional and experimental art including pop, social commentaries and street performance art, the Gallery is at the heart of transforming the often overlooked back streets of Fitzrovia into an exhilarating contemporary shopping and dining destination. In tandem with an acclaimed contemporary artist-led exhibition programme, Grove Square Galleries presents a year-round program of dynamic discussions and events that run parallel with an artist-led show examining contemporary art practice globally.

The artistic programmes at Grove Square Galleries are the brainchild of curators liaising with local retailers and industry partners to bring forward an exhibition that showcases the talent of contemporary artists from London. Established since 2021, the business is managed by an advisory team led by director Paul Taylor. With a range of well-structured and engaging exhibitions and events, the Gallery is committed to presenting the work of international excellence. In line with this commitment, each day at Grove Square Gallery the business runs an ‘interdisciplinary pop-up street festival’, an experience that allows visitors to engage with the creative process and gain a real sense of the artists’ life and work. Each evening sees the leading artists from throughout the UK to take to the streets in a bespoke street-art show, attracting crowds from both local residents and visitor organisations that take pride in supporting the growth of the contemporary art gallery scene. Visit Grove Square Galleries for more information

In partnership with a leading contemporary artist, Grove Square Galleries presents a selection of artists who have been shaping the contemporary public imagination with their distinctive style and approach to art. These contemporary artists have been invited to take part in the world-famous annual Fete de la Meuse, one of the most popular and memorable evenings in Europe. Featuring world renowned artists including Bougional, Yves Saint Laurent and Antony Gormley, the festival is a chance to explore the works of some of the finest contemporary artists from around the world. This special evening not only benefits Fete de la Meuse but the wider exhibition circuit, allowing visitors from across the city to experience a stimulating night out.

This year’s featured artist is Canadian solo exhibitionist Christopher Tyndall. A former member of the bandking band The Specials, Christopher Tyndall has developed a highly respected solo career that has featured in films such as Don’t Worry, Baby. A versatile performer, Christopher Tyndall enjoys experimenting with various genres including soul, rockabilly, pop, jazz and classical. For this exhibition, he will be lending his own brand of humour and wit to an exhibition that includes works from some of the best British and international lyricists. Along with fellow Canadian artists Amy Winehouse and John Tranter, Christopher Tyndall will be showing work which will be exclusively available at Grove Square Galleries.

Whilst at this year’s Grove Square Galleries international Solo Exhibition, there will be other exclusive events occurring to complement the solo exhibition featuring such artists as Canadian comedians Rob Colburn and Jennifer Smith. An intriguing event, which showcases the unique voice and sense of humour through the use of stand-up comedy, will feature comedians from both coasts coming together to perform their unique style of comedy. Another unique voice will be showcased in the form of the art advisory service for Grove Square Galleries, which will offer guidance and advice on the many aspects of owning and running a gallery in London, which can help you achieve success.

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