Know some facts about custom bobbleheads

Your ears might have not heardcustom bobble heads but your eyes surely noticed them without knowing what are they called. Bobblehead is an artwork. Russian writer introduced bobblehead first time in the short story.

The main leading character; Akaky, was shown wearing a neck of plastic cats. People copied his idea and in 19 century, the toy made a major share in the US market. The names of the custom bobbleheads made were following;

  • Roberto Clemente
  • Mickey Mantle
  • Willie Mays
  • Roger Maris

Types of Bobblehead 

The most contribution was made by China and the people of Japan to manufacture these dolls but the first was made in Germany.

A custom bobblehead known as nodder wobbler was many fractured. Some religious people called it “temple nodder”. It is a pure artwork and is usually described as an art of expressing love and emotions for beloved ones in the shape of a bobblehead. The following are its types.

  • Men
  • Women
  • Office 
  • Superhero
  • Players
  • Custom bobbleheads for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s day

And there are yet other types of this toy.

Material used in bobbleheads

The first bobblehead was made with ceramic, and then further were produced with plastic. The Durable and Sturdy mold or sturdy type bobbleheads are in demand. The plastic product is unique and lighter but on the other hand ceramic type, style is famous among the people.

Custom bobbleheads Available in Market

Alexander Malcolm is the biggest and most riches seller in the whole world and it produced 48 to 49 million. In the beginning, it looked like cartoonish but with the passage of time, their shapes were changed to better. The demand for work is increased and nowadays, these are abundant in the market in diverse shapes.

How are bobbleheads made?

The process of bobble includes the following major steps.

  • Firstly the design of the head of the doll and body is made from hollow plastic.
  • Secondly, the body is connected with the head by metal and is covered with cloth.

Characteristics of custom bobbleheads

These dolls maybe 2 inches tall, while other most bobbleheads are 7 inches tall.

Custom bobbleheads doll and normal bobbleheads are customized on special occasions like birthday and wedding anniversaries. So many types and shapes are available in the market.

Create your own custom bobbleheads

If you want to make your own, materials that can be used are

  • acrylic paints
  • white polymer clay
  • artist paintbrush,

Now decide the shape you want it and then start your work.

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