Working With Childcare and Daycare Professionals

The differences between childcare and daycare often get overlooked. Both of them have different purposes and uses. There are also some major differences between daycare and childcare. Here are the basics so you can make an informed decision.

The definition of childcare usually comes down to what activities the caregiver is performing. Daycare is typically a term that has taken on from the early days when parents brought their children home from school and early childhood education was required throughout the day. Childcare, however, usually focused on unstructured contact with children. The most common activities include playing games, watching television, and engaging in hands-on activities. The goal of all forms of childcare is to promote learning and development.

Childcare providers are typically licensed, bonded, and insured. They have undergone thorough background checks and certification to ensure that workers are not prohibited by state laws from interacting with children. Many child care providers offer subsidized programs that will cover the costs of things such as: childcare equipment, meals, and supplies. These are all forms of public assistance that are designed to promote affordable child care and early childhood education.

In some jurisdictions, Susy’s family childcare and daycares are publicly funded programs. A large majority of these daycares are government run programs that are designed to promote early childhood education and childcare. The majority of daycares use licensed child care professionals who have undergone thorough background checks to ensure that employees have a clean background. Public child care programs also have a social worker in place to help families and young minds that need it.

Children enrolled in public childcare facilities will spend approximately two hours a day attending classes. Most day cares will provide toys, fun activities, educational games, creative activities, and physical education programs. The objective behind each of these activities is to prepare children for kindergarten. Preschool is a general purpose grade level program that allows students to focus on academic and social skills. General purpose pre-k education includes cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and academic development.

Childcare and early childhood educators work very closely with students and families. Daycares and childcare professionals are committed to preparing young minds for kindergarten and to nurturing a love of learning. Daycare and childcare is the preferred choice of working parents because they can set their own schedules and determine how much time with their children they want. The flexibility of working from home allows working parents to keep their home life in balance. Both parents can spend quality time with their children. Both parents work hard to build strong relationships with each other and build successful work/family partnerships.

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